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Shameless Promotion =D

Tristan and Machinima 101 has released a new section on the page: "Machinima 101". The page will focus on helping authors with fundamentals like Acting/Directing, How-To's for editing styles and programs and, this will be a place where Machinimators in our community can meet and share experience.

Tristan, who is the creator of, and fom his exeriences as a machinima artist, an actor, an off broadway director, and just a person who likes to diversify in many aspects of life will come in handy if you have
any questions regaring Machinima and he hopes those who join in can help as well:

"What really gets me going now is, and without sounding pompus, I have the ability to step back from the community and lend a helping hand(as an independent of course). The new Crafting Worlds page has been created for just that reason! I want to get back to the grass-roots of the Machinima community and help those who like me may be looking for a little assistance here and there, both through interaction and my own experience…"
- Tristan Pope

Visit "101 Machinima"
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