Bryy The Jabberwocky Slayer (aquaman_neo) wrote in machinima_lot,
Bryy The Jabberwocky Slayer

Sims 2 Machinima

I'm trying to do a machinima project within the sims 2. Does anyone know of a way to code in bining of emotional responses to keys?
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as far as I know, you can't bind anything to keys in the sims (any version.)

however, in Sims 2, there is a way to trigger an emotional response on command: from the cheat console, type: boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true (despite what you read elsewhere, case is not sensitive.) this will enable you shift-leftclick on several objects to get testing menu options. one of the menu options when you shift-click on a sim is a spawn for an object -- I can't recall the name, but it very obviously has something to do with sim reactions.

you spawn this object, select the sim you want to have an emotional reaction, then pause the game. click on the spawned object to queue the reaction you want. adjust your camera to look at the sim (with the reaction object out of the shot.) start recording, unpause ... the sim reacts, and then you can stop recording.
If the object is another sim, do I still need to spawn?
yes. the spawned object triggers the emotion. it resembles playacting, though; the sim breaks down and cries, or points and laughs, or whatever you select, but the incident doesn't "stick" in anyone's memory. also, the sim isn't really reacting *to* any other sim. it's all pretend -- point them in the right direction and trigger the reaction.

Rodney's Death Creator (one of the other spawnable objects) is also useful.